Christmas Puzzles

This is a mixed bag of puzzles for use around Christmas time.

To start off, something non-mathematical - a Christmas Wordsearch

The next one involves logic - no guessing is needed, because at each stage there is a space which can only be filled by one word:
Christmas Wordfit

The next type of puzzle has various names: I've called it Paint by Numbers, but they are sometimes called nonograms, hanjie puzzles, or various other names. There's an easy one as a starter, then a more challenging one: Christmas paint by numbers puzzle

Here are some collections of puzzles. These files are "hybrid PDFs" which can be viewed with any PDF viewer, or edited if opened with LibreOffice or OpenOffice. So if you want to extract a particular puzzle it should be easy to do so.

Some logic puzzles about Santa's elves - their names, what they wear etc. They vary from easy to quite challenging
Santas Elves - Logic Puzzles

A set of seven number puzzles of various types, arranged in order from easy to more challenging
Christmas Number Puzzles

Some more miscellaneous puzzles, of varying difficulty:
Miscellaneous Christmas Puzzles
More Christmas Logic Puzzles

Finally, a link to the "Age of Puzzles" website, where the Grabarchuk family have collected their Christmas puzzles from over the years. I particularly like "The Christmas-tree Field" and "Christmas-tree Strimko"
Puzzle Greetings
and one which isn't listed on that page:
Christmas TriLights
(this is a very nice interactive puzzle)